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Pet Groomer

Who We Are

We are a 501c3 animal rescue in South Florida, serving Broward, Miami Dade & Palm Beach counties (EIN: 90-0851685). We are based in Davie, FL- however, we do not have a physical shelter. Instead, our pets live in foster homes with our foster volunteers. 

Our Off-the-Streets initiative focuses on intake of underserved animals at risk of suffering in the streets including seniors, special needs, rehomes and abandoned pets.  We believe no pets should be left behind- we know older pets and pets with medical needs are less likely to receive support due to prohibitive costs, and that is why we do everything in our power to fund these animals. They may take longer to find their perfect forever home, but they deserve it just as much!  In 2023, we adopted 47+ pets into lasting homes!!

Our volunteers also support Community Cat Wellness including TNR, community cat feeding, and ongoing medical care.

What We Do

Our mission is to Save a Life: The past few years Florida has seen a significant volume of homeless animals and a tremendous need to support unowned or abandoned animals.​ With our infrastructure, our amazing volunteers and fosters, each animal we take is a life we save. We take an oath to each pet under our care - they will never be underserved again! We take great care to vet each pet, place them in trusted foster homes and conduct thorough adoption application checks.

Our Why: The Florida situation is dire (Situation described as 'dire' at South Florida pet shelters - CBS Miami (, with people struggling with financials or health being guided to put their pets on the streets because shelters are full. Further, cats in Florida are in the top 5 most significantly underserved community in the US (National Animal Shelter Statistics Dashboard | Best Friends Animal Society).


Our Process: All animals go directly to the vet to be assessed & tested, they then get up to speed with vaccinations and they get spayed or neutered. Next stop is their foster home, where they get a chance to decompress, feel safe, and get the care and love their deserve!

All our pets are posted on PetFinder, and statuses are updated weekly. Adopters must reach out via Petfinder or text, and they receive instructions for our process- all adopters will have a chance to conduct as many meet and greets as they'd like to ensure they feel confident and the pets get to know all members of the family. If it's a good fit, adopters submit an adoption application and must get a home check before they are approved to welcome their new furry friend!

Cuddling Buddies
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